Do I have to use multiple face creams to get complete care?

It is not necessary, with the total action facial cream JEWEL BEAUTY - NATURAL PERFECTION you can hydrate the skin, nourish it, regulate the sebaceous level, combat the signs of aging and help regenerate it, while providing healthy and radiant skin

   How can a single cream act globally?

Because it provides the skin with all the nutrients it needs, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids, etc., in a balanced way, in order to cover all your needs, while stimulating the processes of natural regeneration of the skin.

   Why do I have to apply a different product for the eye contour?

Because the skin around the eye is different from the rest of the face: it is much thinner, it lacks collagen and elastin fibers and it is also constantly active (we blink more than 10,000 times a day). In addition, as the age advances, the microcirculation around the eye becomes slower and tend to form dark circles and puffiness.

   For what age are creams appropriate?

JEWEL BEAUTY - NATURAL PERFECTION full-function creams are suitable for all ages.  There is no age limit, you can't be too young or too old.
In general, from the age of 25 onwards, the first wrinkles begin to appear, especially around the eyes. From the age of 30, stains can begin to appear.

When applying the creams from a young age, it helps to keep the skin healthy and firm. In advanced ages, we can improve hydration and nutrition, immediately, but the re-balancing and regenerative properties are achieved progressively, with daily use, improving day by day.

   For what kind of skin are the creams appropriate?

JEWEL BEAUTY - NATURAL PERFECTION total action creams are suitable for all skin types, due to the number of nutrients and active ingredients each skin absorbs the ones it needs, remaining perfectly hydrated and nourished, while activating its own natural regeneration.

   When do you begin to notice the effects of creams?

Hydration and nutrition are achieved from the first application. The other properties (sebaceous regulation, attenuation of signs of aging, activation of collagen synthesis, improvement of tone, reduction of bags and dark circles around the eyes) are achieved gradually, with continued use day by day.

   When do I have to apply the creams?

JEWEL BEAUTY - NATURAL PERFECTION creams can be applied day and/or night indistinctly. It is important to emphasize that while we sleep the processes of restoration and cellular repair start working, so that if you apply the creams at night you will accelerate the regeneration process, since the skin is more receptive.

   Is it important that the creams are made with natural ingredients?

Yes, it is extremely important, as these are more closely related to our skin, allow cellular respiration and drainage of toxins. On the other hand, synthetic ingredients, derived from petroleum create a barrier on the skin, covering the pores and making it difficult for the skin to breathe and eliminate toxins, which in the long run cause the skin to choke, become opaque, to dry and leads to the appearance of wrinkles and impurities.

JEWEL BEAUTY creams are made entirely with top quality natural ingredients.

   How are JEWEL BEAUTY creams different from other natural creams on the market?

They differ in their unique and exclusive formulation, in their high concentration of active principles and in the high quality of its ingredients.

   Is the appearance of a cream made with natural ingredients different from one made with synthetic ingredients?

Yes, the texture and odour of a cream made with natural ingredients may be more heterogeneous than one made with synthetic ingredients, just as a natural fiber is more heterogeneous than a synthetic one. The final appearance can also vary, in terms of texture and odour, between different batches of manufacture, due precisely to the intrinsic variations of each and every one of the natural ingredients that the product is made from.