JEWEL BEAUTY was created from the experience of Laboratorios Guitart, a chemical analysis company founded in Barcelona in 1994 by Chemistry graduate Loreto Guitart. Throughout all these years of research and after thousands of analyses, Loreto and her research team have acquired extensive experience in active ingredients, which together with further specialist studies in Cosmetics and Skin care led her to launch a new company, Laboratorios Guitart Cosmetics, specialised in developing natural cosmetics.

JEWEL BEAUTY products are the result of over 20 years of research and an in-depth understanding of the properties of numerous terrestrial and aquatic plants and their effects on the skin. Studies have been made on plants from all over the world, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Amazon rainforest. Back in the laboratory, numerous formulations are created until discovering the magic formula with a blend of active ingredients for the skin, restoring all its health, beauty and splendour. They are unique formulas on the market.