Olivate (sorbitan)

Olivate (Sorbitan)

Sorbitan Olivate is obtained from olive oil, which is extracted from the fruit of the Olea europaea. This oil was already used in Egypt, around 2000 BC, for cosmetic purposes.

Sorbitan Olivate and Cetearyl Olivate, also extracted from olive oil, produce a vegetable emulsifier that is highly compatible with our skin and rapidly absorbed, whilst also giving the creams a silky touch.

The emulsions obtained from these two olive oil derivatives have the property of creating a lattice structure of liquid crystals, which are capable of retaining 70% of intralaminar water absorption. When applying the cream on the skin, this structure is broken down, instantly giving the skin an extraordinary hydration. At the same time, and due to its composition, it retains moisture on the skin, thus achieving both short-term and long-term hydration.

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