Chamomilla Matricaria Flower Oil

Chamomilla Matricaria (Chamomile) Flower Oil

The essential oil Chamomilla Matricaria is obtained by steam-distilling chamomile flower heads, and is dark blue in colour. Around 2,000 kg of Chamomilla Matricaria, flowers are required to obtain 1 kg of this essential oil.

It is grown in the east of Europe, mainly in Germany.

It features more than 40 components, including: bisabolol, chamazulene, bisabolene, borneol, farnesol, flavonoids (apigenin), coumarin and spiroethers. Chamazulene and bisabolol are powerful anti-inflammatories, so they are very useful for reducing dark circles and inflammation of the eyelids in cases of red and tired eyes. They are also effective against swelling caused by rashes or skin irritations.

Finally, this essential oil has antibacterial and healing properties, so it helps cleansing, protects wounds from infection and restores tissues.

It is especially suitable for the care of sensitive and dry skin, as well as babies’ skin, as it soothes and protects.

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