Croton Lechleri Resin Extract

Croton Lechleri (Dragon’s Blood) Resin Extract

Croton Lechleri, popularly known as dragon’s blood, is a red resin, hence its name, which is exuded by the tree of the same name, originally from the Amazon. Indigenous communities have been using it for centuries because of its great healing, antibacterial and antiviral powers.

Its main components are catechins and anthocyanins, which provide major antioxidant powers to the skin, with a rejuvenating effect. Proanthocyanidins are capable of binding natural collagen fibres whilst inhibiting the action of enzymes, which tend to break down collagen with age. This allows us to maintain young and wrinkle-free skin whilst preventing tissue damage.

The properties of dragon’s blood for the skin are:

  • Very high tissue-restoring capacity
  • Rejuvenating effect
  • Strong anti-inflammatory
  • Antibacterial and antiviral.

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